Our Heritage

Tasmanian Flour Mills, one of Tasmania’s last remaining flour mills, was established in 1861 when Thomas Monds built a milling plant in Cameron Street, Launceston, Tasmania.


Starting as a flour mill, then an oatmeal mill, the plant became a store and a grinding house. Thomas Monds’ business grew, and he needed to extend his mill, so in 1908 he purchased an existing 1860s warehouse building on the corner of Shields Street and William Street, Launceston and converted it into a mill in 1909. This site today still remains the home of Tasmanian Flour Mills.

A few years later, in 1918, Monds merged with Thomas Affleck’s milling company to form Monds & Affleck Pty Ltd. Monds & Affleck continued operations, producing flour, until 1994, when Pivot took over the business, changing the name from Monds & Affleck to Pivot Nutrition.

In July 2001, Pivot sold the business to the current owners, who immediately changed the name to Tasmanian Flour Mills Pty Ltd.

Since 2001, Tasmanian Flour Mills has been extended in output several times and is now an up-to-date, modern flour mill.