White Bread and Roll Bread Mix - 5kg or 12.5kg

Your own white bread can be made with the White Bread and Roll Mix.  As with most of our bread mixes, yeast and water are all that are needed to be added for a superior loaf or roll. 

Super Soft White Bread Mix - 5kg or 12.5kg

For an even softer white bread, reach for Super Soft White Bread Mix.  This flour mix is used to make soft white slicing bread and rolls. Excellent crumb softness will ensure a good keeping quality. 

Wholemeal Bread Mix - 5kg or 12.5kg

Go natural with our Wholemeal Bread Mix.  Here is a natural flour mix used to make bread and rolls using cholesterol-free wholemeal flour.  There is no animal fat, artificial colourings or flavourings.

Granary Bread Mix - 5kg or 12.5kg

Bake a bold, volumed loaf with our Granary Bread Mix.  Here is a multi-grain blend designed to produce a loaf with malty flavour and crunchy texture.  The grains have been especially selected to eliminate pre-soaking.

Mixed Grain and Chia Bread Mix - 5kg or 12.5kg

Mixed Grain and Chia Bread Mix uses a blend of wheat flour with nutritious grains so that you can make a wide range of mixed grain breads and rolls, with a distinctive flavour and texture.  The addition of chia seeds, which are low in calories, but packed with antioxidants and fibre and omega – 3 fatty acids, add to the goodness of this loaf.

Soya and Linseed Bread Mix - 5kg or 12.5kg

A mix of nutty tasting soy and the linseed mix produces a moist, grain bread. Soya and Linseed Bread Mix is ideal for bread rolls and loaves.  This mix is packed with a high concentration of linseed.

Sweet Bun Bread Mix - 5kg or 12.5kg

If you are looking for a mix for the sweeter palate, then you’ll enjoy Sweet Bun Bread Mix.  It is a sweet flour mix used to make raisin loaf, fruit buns, scrolls and many others.  This mix does not contain fruit or spices; you can add these ingredients to your taste.