Premium Baker’s Flour - 5kg, 12.5kg

Our premium flour is milled from Australian hard wheats and produces superior protein strength flour and is ideal for your tin and continental loaves.  Its higher protein content retains carbon dioxide produced during fermentation and helps the dough to rise, resulting in an airy loaf.

All Purpose Baker’s Flour - 12.5kg                        

All Purpose Baker’s flour is also known as our medium flour. Suitable for general baking and breads and rolls, this flour is great for just about everything. It is sturdy enough to hold its structure in bread and light enough to produce a layer cake.

Pizza Flour - 12.5kg

This premium flour has been specially designed to produce outstanding pizza the traditional way.  The gluten level will give the dough a good robustness and elasticity, the key to great pizzas.

Plain Flour - 2kg, 5kg, 12.5kg

This flour is suitable for general purpose. This is your best all round choice for general baking. Versatile, it is ideal for making batters, sauces, gravies as well as pastries and your favourite cakes.

Self Raising Flour - 2kg, 5kg, 12.5kg

Fine white flour carefully blended with raising agents for general baking including biscuits, cakes, muffins, slices and deserts.

Wholemeal Flour - 5kg, 12.5kg

Our wholemeal is 100% wholemeal milled from Australian hard wheats. Superior gluten strength makes this ideal for baking for healthy wholemeal breads and rolls.

Stoneground Flour - 5kg, 12.5kg

Our stoneground is a blend of old stonemill technology combined with modern milling practices.  This flour gives you 100% wholegrain and produces a heavy textured loaf.

Atta Flour - 12.5kg

Very finely milled wheat flour, Atta is primarily used to make Asian flat breads such as chapatti, roti, and naan.

Pastry Flour - 12.5kg

This low protein strength flour is excellent for a wide range of bakery products. A low gluten and low ash soft flour. Used in pastry and other applications where a very tender finished products is required.

Semolina - 5kg, 12.5kg

A creamy coloured coarse flour that is used for pasta, breakfast cereals, puddings, and couscous. It can also be used in Italian type breads with great success or as dusting top of continental style loves.

Yeast - 500gr

Our instant dry yeast can be added straight to the flour or bread mix for immediate use.